This documentation is for the v5 (stable) version of the API.
Invocation URL: /v5/fastlabel


FastLabel is the Fastway Electronic Labelling System. This API allows you to interact with it programatically. The system is made up of a few objects:

  • Manifest - This is a logical group of consignments. Typically, a manifest is used to collect all the consignments for a given day and then closed at the end of the day (which triggers the printing of the Pickup labels for the courier to scan).
  • Consignment - This is a group of items all heading to the same destination address. The consignment contains all the address information, contact information and special delivery instruction information.
  • Consignment Item - This is an individual item in a consignment. Each item has a weight (in kgs) and an optional Reference #. Each item will be assigned a Fastway Label, and also may incur additional Excess labels depending on its weight and the delivery address.

Also, there is the concept of:

  • Account - This refers to the FastLabel account of an entire business.
  • User Account - This is a user account associated with the main Account. There can be many users associated with one account. Each user can only see their own consignments (to avoid confusion between users) but can see all manifests. Users do not have their own FastLabel stock as this is taken from the Account. There is always at least one User account per main Account as this is the only means of access.
  • Contact - Users have the option of saving predefined delivery details in their account for use later (so they dont have to keep typing them out). These are added to a list of Contacts for that user.
  • MultiBusiness - Some people run multiple businesses but may only want one account with Fastway. A MultiBusiness is essentially a different entity that manifests/consignments get created against. It typically has a different address and location to the parent account. When creating a manifest, you have the option of setting a MultiBusiness ID that will create the manifest against that business instead of the parent account.
  • Cost Center - A Cost Center is optional and essentially allows you to group consignments. You set up cost centers, and can then create consignments against them. They are typically used for tracking FastLabel usage across departments of a business, eg Legal, Operations and Finance.

Your Fastway API key is only associated with an Account. As such, you will need to call the List Users method and choose a user for any User-specific calls, or calls that require a UserID. If you do not do this, then if your account only has a single user then that user will be used by default, otherwise an error will be thrown.


Action Name Description Invocation URL
Add Consignment Adds a consignment to the specified manifest. This call may return an error if you supply unknown address information and the manifest's AutoImport flag is false. /v5/fastlabel/addconsignment
Add Manifest Add a new manifest to the list of open manifests. Note: In most cases you should be using Get Open Manifest instead, unless Get Open Manifest isnt returning any open manifests or you need a manifest for a specific MultiBusiness. /v5/fastlabel/addmanifest
Add New Contact Adds a contact to the list of customer contacts. /v5/fastlabel/addcontact
Close Manifest Close an existing manifest and generate a runsheet. Closing a manifest is a important procedural action. /v5/fastlabel/closemanifest
Generate Fastway Label Generate a PDF with Fastway labels. /v5/fastlabel/generatefastwaylabel
Get Contact Details Gets the details for a contact based on their AccountNo (ie, your reference number) /v5/fastlabel/contactdetail
Get Open Manifest Gets the first open manifest available. If there are no open manifests available, it creates one and returns it. /v5/fastlabel/getopenmanifest
Get stock level List current label stock of customer associated with this key. /v5/fastlabel/getstocklevel
Get Wallet Balance Get the current wallet balance for a specified API key /v5/fastlabel/getwalletbalance
gettestlabelpdf /v5/fastlabel/gettestlabelpdf
List Closed Manifests Lists the manifests closed in the last NumDays days /v5/fastlabel/list-closed-manifests
List Consignments Lists all consignments in the specified manifest, or that have the specified Consignment ID, and return all consignment details (including consignment items) /v5/fastlabel/listconsignments
List Consignments From ConsignmentId Lists all your consignments consignments that have a consignmentId >= the id supplied /v5/fastlabel/list-consignments-from-consignmentid
List Contacts List all the customers contacts. /v5/fastlabel/listcontacts
List Cost Centers List all your cost centers /v5/fastlabel/listcostcenters
List Custom Parcel Types List all the customers custom parcel types. /v5/fastlabel/listcustomparceltypes
List Manifests Get all manifests of the specified type under the (optional) specified MultiBusiness, or get a manifest with a specific ID. /v5/fastlabel/listmanifests
List MultiBusiness Businesses Lists all the MultiBusiness businesses you have set up /v5/fastlabel/listmultibusiness
List Open Manifests Lists all the open manifests, with their consignments and consignment items. /v5/fastlabel/list-open-manifests
List Users List all the User accounts associated with the Main account. Note: You need to ask your Local RF if you want to add/remove users. /v5/fastlabel/listusers
Mark Consignment Printed Marks a consignment identified by the specified ConsignmentID as printed in the Fastway system. /v5/fastlabel/markconsignmentprinted
Mark Label as not printed Marks a label number as not printed in the Fastway system. /v5/fastlabel/marklabelnotprinted
Mark manifest complete Marks a manifest import complete after it has been marked as AutoImport /v5/fastlabel/markmanifestcomplete
Modify Existing Contact Modify the details of an existing contact (as identified by your unique identifier (whatever you set for AccountNo)). /v5/fastlabel/modifycontact
Remove Consignment Removes a consignment and all its items. Note: you can only remove unprinted consignments. /v5/fastlabel/removeconsignment
Remove Consignment Item Removes an (unprinted) consignment item and returns any labels to the pool. /v5/fastlabel/removeconsignmentitem
Remove Contact Removes a contact from your list of contacts, based on the unique identifier you set (AccountNo from addcontact) /v5/fastlabel/removecontact
Remove Manifest Removes a manifest and all the consignments in it. Note: You can only do this on open manifests, and only unprinted consignments will be removed. The labels will be returned to your stock. /v5/fastlabel/removemanifest

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