This documentation is for the v3 (stable) version of the API.
Invocation URL: /v3/psc/addresscheck


Perform an address check.


franchiseeCode - The Franchise to query. See the List Regional Franchises method for a more comprehensive list.
address1 - Address line 1 for the delivery.
address2 - Address line 2 for the delivery. (optional)
suburb - Suburb or if not know the city of the delivery.
postcode - Postcode of the delivery.


A data structure. In JSON, it looks like:

    result: {
		delivery_rf: 'NPE'
		delivery_cf: '065',
        address: '1 Boyd road Poraiti 4182',
        isSaturdayDeliveryAvailable: true,
        isRural: true,
        latitude: 0,
        longitude: 0,
        isServicesAvailable: true,
        deliveryTime: '3'		
    generated_in: '103113ms'


Rural Boyd road&suburb=Poraiti&postcode=4182&api_key=YOUR_API_KEY
Urban Lever street&suburb=Ahuriri&postcode=4110&api_key=YOUR_API_KEY

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