This documentation is for the v2 (stable) version of the API.
Invocation URL: /v2/fastlabel/modifycontact


Modify the details of an existing contact (as identified by your unique identifier (whatever you set for AccountNo)).


AccountNo - Your unique customer identifier
UserID - The UserID (from List Users) who is creating the manifest. Optional only if the Account only has one user.
Company - The name of the contacts company
FirstName - The contacts First Name
LastName - The contacts Last Name
StreetAddress - The contacts Street Address
Suburb - The contacts Suburb
Postcode - The contacts Postcode
City - The city in which the contact resides
Phone - The contacts phone number
EmailAddress - The contacts Email Address
Note:Not all parameters need to be supplied, just AccountNo and whatever ones contain the new data.


The number of contacts modified.


    'result': 1,
    'generated_in': '156ms'



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