This documentation is for the v2 (stable) version of the API.
Invocation URL: /v2/fastlabel/listcontacts


List all the customers contacts.


UserID - The ID of the user to get the contacts for (see List Users). If omitted, all contacts for all users will be returned. Term - The search term to narrow down the results (will search by CompanyName). If omitted, all contacts will be returned.


A data structure like so:

    'result': [
            'AccountNo': '1232113',
            'CompanyName': 'Good Grocers',
            'ContactName': 'Tom Good',
            'StreetAddress': '34 Romanes Drive',
            'StreetAddress1': null,
            'Suburb': 'Tawa',
            'Postcode': null,
            'City': 'Havelock North 1',
            'LocalRF': null,
            'CreateDate': '2009-11-10 21:26:24',
            'Phone': '06 8340936',
            'EmailAddress': null,
            'Mobile': null,
            'SpecialInstruction1': 'Test 1',
            'SpecialInstruction2': 'Test 2',
            'SpecialInstruction3': 'Test 3'
        }, { ... etc


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