This documentation is for the v2 (stable) version of the API.
Invocation URL: /v2/dynamiclabels/allocate-with-consignor-consignee-details


Allocate (or quote) some label numbers from Fastway, based on Pickup/Delivery location and weight.
In the case of multiple labels (eg a Local service), an array of matching labels will be returned, and it is up to the caller to select the one they want to use. This method is designed to be called twice, firstly without the LabelColour parameter to get the list of options, and then with the LabelColour parameter (matching an option from the first call) to actually allocate the label.


PickupName - The name of the person sending the parcel
PickupPhone - The best phone number for the sender, mobile is prefered
PickupAddr1 - Pickup address line 1
PickupAddr2 - Pickup address line 2
PickupPostcode - The Pickup Postcode (eg, '4137'), Required if RequiresPickup = true
PickupTown - The Pickup Town (eg, 'Napier'), Required if RequiresPickup = true
PickupRFCode - The pickup code for the Fastway Franchise (eg, 'AUK', 'SYD') see Franchisees by Postcode
PickupSpecialInstruction - Optional, any special instructions for the pickup
DeliveryCompany - Receiver business name / Or persons name if not applicable
DeliveryContactName - Receiver name
DeliveryContactPhone - Receiver contact phone number, mobile is prefered
DeliveryEmailAddress - Receiver email address
DeliveryAddr1 - Pickup address line 1 (Required for NZ)
DeliveryAddr2 - Pickup address line 2
DeliveryPostcode - The Delivery Postcode (eg '2000', Required)
DeliveryTown - The Delivery Town (eg, 'Auckland', Required)
DeliveryContactPhone - The delivery phone number
WeightInKg - The weight of the parcel in kg (eg, '14')
CountryCode - The CountryCode that the pickup/delivery addresses reside in (see main docs page, Required)
LabelPoolId - The labeling pool to use, optional
LabelColour - If specified, will allocate a label based on the set colour. If the set colour is invalid for the pickup/delivery details specified, an error will be returned
ClientIdentifier - If specified, will return the same label numbers between requests (if the ClientIdentifier is the same) This is to prevent loss of label numbers due to connection errors
RequiresPickup - Will default to false, provide and set to true if you wish a pickup request to be generated at the same time
PickupDate - Optional, the collection date of the parcel. Only applicable when 'RequiresPickup' is true. Format dd-mm-yyyy
TimeCycle - Optional, the time cycle (AM/PM/NEXTCYCLE) requested for the pickup
TestMode - 'true' or 'false'. If omitted, defaults to false. If set to true, will not allocate any labels, but will still return label numbers. These label numbers will be 'XXXXXXXXXXXX' and should only be used for testing purposes. Note that LabelColour should be set or there is no point in setting this.
RequirePrint - Optional, value shoud be true if the label(s) needs to be printed by fastway regional franchisee, defaults to false
SaturdayDelivery - Optional. Specify 'true' or 'false'. If omitted, defaults to 'false', only available for New Zealand
SpecialInstructions1 - Special instructions for delivery (optional, printed on the label, 30 character limit)
SpecialInstructions2 - Special instructions for delivery (optional, printed on the label, 30 character limit)
SpecialInstructions3 - Special instructions for delivery (optional, printed on the label, 30 character limit)
LabelAlias - 3rd Party Label number - requires additional permissions - please contact customer support


A data structure. In JSON, it looks like:

    'result': {
        'pickup_rf': 'NPE',
		'pickup_cf': '065',
        'delivery_rf': 'NPE',
		'delivery_cf': '060',
        'pickup_location': 'Napier 4112',
        'delivery_location': 'Napier 0',
        'delivery_timeframe_days': '1',
        'usable_labels': [
                'base_label_colour': 'BROWN',
                'excess_label_count': 0,
                'base_label_cost_exgst': '2.00',
                'excess_label_cost_exgst': '0.00',
                'base_label_colour': 'DKBLUE',
                'excess_label_count': 0,
                'base_label_cost_exgst': '4.00',
                'excess_label_cost_exgst': '0.00',
                'base_label_colour': 'SAT-NAT-A4',
                'excess_label_count': 0,
                'base_label_cost_exgst': '6.00',
                'excess_label_cost_exgst': '0.00',
    'generated_in': '375ms'
After choosing a label colour from the first call, the output of the second call could look like:
result: {
isRural: false,
pickup_rf: 'AUK',
delivery_rf: 'NPE',
use_nearest_Postcode_nomatch: true,
pickup_location: 'Auckland 0900',
delivery_location: 'Napier 4112',
delivery_timeframe_days: '2',
usable_labels: [
base_label_colour: 'ORANGE',
excess_label_count: 0,
costexgst_additional_admin_fee: '0.00',
costexgst_profit_value: '0.00',
costexgst_label: '9.85',
costexgst_total_charge_to_end_user: '9.85',
excess_label_numbers: [ ],
base_label_cost_exgst: '9.85',
base_label_number: 'OQ0001707229',
psc_price_exgst: 9.85,
excess_label_cost_exgst: '0.00'
saturday_label_number: 'TQ0001707229'
generated_in: '320ms'


Show what labels are available when sending from Auckland 0900 to Napier 4112: Lever street&DeliveryAddr2=deliveryAddr2&DeliveryCompany=Bobs Bikes&DeliveryContactName=Jim&DeliveryContactPhone=deliveryContactPhone&DeliveryPostcode=4112&DeliveryTown=Napier&PickupAddr1=pickupAddr1&PickupAddr2=pickupAddr2&PickupName=pickupName&PickupPhone=pickupPhone&PickupPostcode=0900&PickupRfCode=AUK&PickupTown=Auckland&WeightInKg=8
Allocate a BROWN label for sending between Napier 4137 and Napier 4137:

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