This documentation is for the v3 (stable) version of the API.
Invocation URL: /v3/electroniclabels/generatetrackingevent


Generate a tracking event in the Fastway system. This event will show on the public Track & Trace depending on the status. Please contact the Franchise Support Office if you need to know what status to use.


LabelNo - The label number to generate a tracking event against
ScanCode - The scan code of the tracking event. Set to 'PPP' to generate a pickup scan, and any other valid status for a Transit scan.
CourierNo - The courier number of the courier who allegedly did the scan. Please contact the Franchise Support Office if you dont know what to put here.
RFCode - The code of the Regional Franchise who's courier allegedly did the scan. See the Price Service Calculator/List Regional Franchises method for a list.
myLocateCode - (Optional) The myLocateCode code for the location the label was scanned.
TimeStamp - (Optional) Format should be dd/mm/yy hh:mm:ss. This date should be within 2 days of the current time.


True on success, or an error on failure. Please note that it may take up to 15 minutes for the event to appear in our public Track & Trace.

Example: 8:10:02&api_key=YOUR_API_KEY

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